Building Regulations for Conservatories – What do you need to know!


For the majority of our customers, a new conservatory is something that is dreamt about and planned for many years. Unfortunately, as with any construction work, there are planning permissions and building regulations that must be adhered to. With our Guardian tiled conservatory roofing system, we take the hassle away from requesting building and planning permission by being one of the only roofing systems in the UK that conform to the building regulations set. Maybe you are planning to have an entirely new conservatory built but add-on a solid roof? This post will talk through the building regulations for conservatories and also the planning permission needed for conservatories.


What are building regulations for conservatories?


With building regulations surrounding conservatories there a variety of ways that you can build a conservatory without the need to obtain the regulations. If a conservatory is built with a 75% translucent roof and 50% glazed sides then the conservatory is exempt from building regulations providing that:


  • The conservatory is less than 30 square metres in floor area
  • Separated from house by doors and windows
  • Heating separated from the house heating systems


What are planning permissions for conservatories?


From the 1st of October 2008 the addition of a conservatory to a home or property does not need planning permission as long as it is in line with a certain amount of conditions. A detailed list of the conditions can be found on the planning portal’s site – The planning portal is the government’s site used for the online planning and building regulations resources within both England and Wales. It is of great help you want to find out some more detailed information about what is needed when obtaining planning permission for conservatories. The following points must be adhered to if you don’t want to get apply for planning permission.


  • No more than half of the area around the house would be covered by additions to other buildings.
  • The extension can be no higher than the highest part of the roof.
  • Extensions that are more than one storey must not extend over the rear wall of the client’s original house by more than three metres and also be within seven metres of any boundary that is opposite the rear wall of the house.


What planning permission do I need for my replacement Conservatory roof?


Due to changes in building regulations, people wanting to replace their glass or polycarbonate may no longer have to apply for planning permission. This is due to the law currently in place until 30th May 2019 which states that you can build a large rear extension which is up to 6m for an attached property and 8m for detached properties. In addition to this, anyone planning to do this will need to notify the surrounding properties neighbour counselling scheme. As mentioned above you should always check the planning portal’s site the find a full list of the limits and conditions that the conservatory must comply too.


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