How Much Do SIP Panels Cost?


A structured insulation panel or SIP for short is an alternative to bricks and mortar for your new build or extension. They can even be a roof replacement as you can tile over them. They are part of the Quick Kit Build that more and more builders are using to finish extensions or new build houses. They are the material of the 21st Century being stronger, more lightweight, and less expensive than traditional methods of house building. They have an insulated foam core that traps heat and can be finished both inside and out with traditional methods such as to render outside and plasterboard inside. Structural Insulated panels can also be used internally to fix spaces between wooden beams or as an alternative to stud wall finishes.

Advantages of Using Sip Panels


The advantage, apart from the above, to using SIP Panels is that the overall cost of your project should be lower than traditional methods. With quick kit builds you can reduce the build time by half and also work within any weather, not only that but with far less foundation needing to be built in most projects you save on waste removal, time and weather delays, cement base and machine hire. The cost of using a SIP panel can make your overall job much cheaper.


SIP panels were first developed in the USA in the 1930s to help with the mass building plans after the great depression and have evolved over time to now come with the standard 10-year building guarantee and have been proven to be stronger and cheaper than traditional methods.


Structural Insulated panel Construction 


Structural Insulated panels come with easy-to-understand instructions for construction but to gain the most savings use someone like Quick Kit Build in Weston Super Mare whose expertise will save you time, planning and money. The question then of how much is a SIP panel or Structural Insulated Panel giving it its correct full name really depends on the type of project that you are undertaking. One amazing saving with a SIP is how it regulates the temperature throughout the whole year which of course saves on any heating or air conditioning costs for installation and running. 


As mentioned early on using a SIP can save you a lot of time. Quick build kits in Weston Super Mare have examples of whole extension projects that would have normally taken months to complete using traditional methods, being completed in just weeks. Imagine the saving on labour alone over this period. Two builders per day will set you back around £400 every day for several months and that’s if everything goes to plan. Many construction projects that rely upon multiple building materials can go horribly wrong due to a lack of correct supply exactly when you need that certain material. With a Structured Insulated Panel, you know exactly what you need and when it’s arriving and when to either hire the labour in for or let Quick Kit Build do it all for you.


SIP Can Save You Both Money And Time


So, let’s recap shall we all the areas that using a SIP can save you money. Firstly, it’s the time needed to complete the project which can be anything up to a 50% reduction in labour costs even if everything runs to plan, which let’s face it, hardly ever happens in construction. Then we have the insulation savings you can make by not having to install air conditioning during the summer and by keeping your heating bills down during the winter.


The material cost saving is massive when you consider all the elements you need to include in the building project should you choose the more traditional way with bricks and mortar. Also factor in any delays in getting extra supplies, any delays on having to match the exact same bricks from the foundry, ordering the correct amount of concrete for the foundations, without ordering too much, that is then taken back to the cement depot at your extra cost.


Offering Zero Design Limitations


If you are looking at a project that has limited access and or has design limitations, then using a SIP can save you money too. By using the SIP product for all the walls, internal cavity walls and roofing you will save on any wastage as the kit will all sit together nicely as planned by the experts. Not forgetting the guarantees which are as good as you get in the building industry on the product then you cannot go wrong. Who can also put a price on you getting to use your extension on new build months before you should be able to if you were using the older traditional build methods? 


Thank you for reading about how using a structured insulation panel can save you money on your new build or extension project.