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A Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) is made from a sandwich of two layers of stressed skin and one layer of insulation. The stressed skin layers make it exceptionally strong, whilst producing thinner overall wall thicknesses than other forms of construction. With no need for cavity or internal insulation, structural insulated panels can provide a very fast way of constructing very efficient walls with u-values as low as 0.15, without additional insulation.

SIPs are a very flexible product and can be used with any external cladding, be it brick, render, weatherboarding or metal cladding. Equally they can be roofed with slates, tiles or metal roofing. Internally they can be simply finished with plasterboard and a skim coating (with service cavities where needed) meaning that wet trades are kept to a minimum, speeding up build times even further. They are suitable for new builds and home extensions as well as being ideal in-fill panels between other structures like steel or oak frames

Insulated Building Panels

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SIP Panel Extensions were first developed in America in the 1930’s and have been widely-used in the UK since the 1980’s. They have a proven track record of performance and testing, and have a C.A.T.G. SIP Mark Scheme. The Building Research Establishment, an independent testing body, have produced an Information Paper (IP 13/04) on structural insulated panels and have conducted testing on SIPs on behalf of the Government and insurers.

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With a QANW Insurance Backed Guarantee

Quick Kit Build provide a 10-year guarantee on every SIP panel extension that we install. QANW also provide the deposit protection insurance for all our contracts, this means your deposit is fully protected. If you would like more information, visit the QANW website HERE.

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We supply and install SIP Panel extensions throughout the South West of England. All of our engineers are approved to install the Conservatory Roof system and Quick Kit Build Ltd is also approved by Guardian to install their specialist panels. To go to Guardian and check that we are registered please click HERE.

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    If you are would like to enquire about our SIP panel home extensions, please call one of the friendly team members today on – 01934 416388

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    Sip panel extensions are the future of home extensions. They provide a very cost effective option for home extensions. When considering what home extension is best for your individual needs and budget SIP’s should definitely be an option to consider. SIP panel extensions have an are very unique due to their structure being based around creating a highly insulated home extension. This ensures that your extension can always be used no matter what the weather may bring. SIP’s are a tried and tested solution for home extensions and have been around for many years. They have proven to be a reliable construction material and provide stunning results for home extensions.  


    The team here at Quick Kit Build are extremely experienced with the construction of a range of home extensions. We understand that the construction of an extension can be a time of disruption in the home. This is why we pride ourselves on completing all home extension work as efficiently as possible but still maintaining the high quality home extensions. A single story SIP extension can be completed in 3 weeks. All the work we completed using SIP panels come with a 10 year guarantee. This ensures that you will be provided with a beautiful long lasting extension.


    If you are would like to enquire about our SIP panel home extensions, please call one of the friendly team members today on – 01934 416388