SIP Prefabricated Homes

Constructing SIP houses is fast becoming the norm in the UK, with the environment being one of the main issues leading the design of modern buildings, SIPs are at the forefront of the changes in building design and technology.

With the strength, sustainability and most importantly the insulation qualities and the airtight finish that Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) provide, many leading people within the construction industry think that all houses will built with SIPs in the future.

The main advantage for you is a much shorter build time for your new home.
Because the SIPs are pre manufactured as a kit, they are usually installed in less than two weeks for an average house saving weeks sometime months on the build time. Once the SIPs are up and wrapped with a breathable membrane you can schedule first fix services and plaster boarding inside whilst external works are completed outside.

Quick Kit Build are one of a few companies that offer construction with SIPs for smaller projects as well as large houses and small developments.

We are able to provide a bespoke package through all the stages from design through to a fully managed onsite installation.

Tell Us About Your Project

Building with SIPS could not be easier

  • Whether new build, renovation or extension, send us your drawings of your project in PDF These can be simple drawings or more detailed Architects drawings.
  • Our quotation will be returned as soon as possible and will be fairly comprehensive itemising the extent of what we supply, the extent of our site installations, the plant needed, scaffold required and all our terms and conditions.
  • Upon an order being placed, Quick Kit Build will provide all the external structural walls and roof in 150mm or 175mm SIPs along with all the required structural elements that may be required such as the Glulam beams to support the roof and all the internal lintels. Some steel might be required to help transfer roof loads or upper wall loads where a more contemporary ‘open plan’ design has been requested.
  • We also supply open web Posi Joist floors complete with 22mm T&G P5 chipboard flooring which acts as a safe deck during construction but can also be your finished floor.
  • Internal partitions are usually included and are part of our design if these are required as part of the overall support structure.

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The service we provide

  • Full Engineering calculations for the SIPS structure above foundation level.
  • Spot point loads for your foundation engineering.
  • Full design drawings of the SIPS elements for your approval prior to manufacture.
  • Regular updates of anticipated start dates throughout the process.
  • If required installation by our approved sub-contract carpenter/joiners or onsite training and management of your builders or subcontractors.
  • Managed delivery of SIP panels to site in quantities suitable for installation on your site.
  • Where dormers are required these are fabricated in SIPS with a roof and walls including an opening for your windows.
  • Other openings are pre-prepared for Velux windows and chimneys and also all the windows and doors where required.
  • We will then finally fully wrap the building in a Breather Membrane which will make the building weather tight for a period whilst the building is clad and tiled.
  • Quick Kit Build will at all stages from groundworks to completion work with your builder giving any necessary technical assistance as required.


Site requirements from you

  • Groundworks should be completed prior to our arrival on site and all walls prepared by your builder to receive our soleplates should be level to within +/-5mm. We will carry out checks before installation and ‘shim’ appropriately to ensure soleplates are completely level.
  • Full Scaffolding around the perimeter of your building.
  • Preparation up to DPC level includes both external and internal load bearing walls. Generally this would be 150mm above your ground bearing slab/base and in 140mm solid block (7N/mm2).

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