5 Alternative Ways To Use To Use A Garden Room

Home owners in the UK are quickly seeing that a back garden is a potential resource to add a massive amount of convenience with a bespoke garden room. With a range of flexible sizes and configurations, they are an amazing way to add a whole new room at a low cost and often with no planning permission. 


Perhaps you look out on your existing garden and think it would be ideal to have an extra space that can be used all year round. If that was the case then how could you best utilise this new space? As they increase in popularity more and more people are using garden rooms in bold new ways. 


In this article we’ve gathered our favourite 5 ways to use a garden room, straying from the obvious to straight into the unexpected!

Music Studio

If your passion is music then you may find yourself struggling to find a space to record and practice without disrupting your family or neighbours. A garden room can easily accommodate not only recording and musical equipment but is also easily fitted with sound cancelling foam pads to ensure your music stays inside. 


You don’t even have to be a recording musician to benefit from having an isolated space for music. If you or your children are learning a louder instrument like the drums then a studio space could be a god send!


Anyone with children will know the pain of stepping on a loose toy, be it stumbling on a stuffed animal to the dreaded stepping on lego with bare feet! Having your garden room as a dedicated playroom can help with this issue and give space for your child’s toys. 


With main’s electricity, you can even put games consoles there, which helps also keep this separate from their room to avoid late night sessions on the Xbox!

Media Room

If you enjoy a movie night, why not make it all the more special by including a full home cinema set up in your garden. Having a dedicated space will make it all the more special when you turn down the lights and pop on the latest blockbuster! 


Alternatively if you are more of a traditional music lover then you could turn your garden room into a hi-fi center, complete with LP player and vinyl record collection. The superior insulation means that your records will be kept in optimum conditions no matter how bad the weather is outside. 

Art Workshop

If you’re a creative type you may benefit from having your own private art studio to work in. Not only are you more connected to the outdoors, with most garden rooms featuring french doors, but you’ll also benefit from the peace and quiet of being in your own space. Working in a garden room helps you focus and create beautiful artwork for years to come. 


Some people go one step further and turn their new garden room into a pottery barn, which is a great way to isolate the mess that can quickly accumulate from the pottery wheel. 

Model Train Room

Even more left field than a pottery barn, why not turn your garden room into a housing for your model train tracks? Definitely more of a marmite choice than the other uses we have looked at today, but model trains do require a lot of space. 


Spouses of those that enjoy model trains likely know all too well how intrusive a hobby it can be. Often spare rooms and garages are full of model train sets, which can quickly become annoying when you need to move things around! A dedicated garden room can help preserve the space more permanently and give back space to your home.