Prefab Garden Rooms

A quick & easy to build, highly insulated, outdoor building system

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The Quick Pod is available in 4 different sizes – 2400×2400, 2400×3000, 3000×3600, 3000×4800. You also have a choice of what size opening you’d like for the doors in your pod and which of our external finishes you would prefer.

Why buy a Quick Kit Pod?

  • Can be easily built yourself in just a few hours. 
  • A unique system that is fully demountable and re-useable
  • Extremely energy efficient and airtight, meaning very little heating is required, unlike timber structures.
  • Maintenance free! Our high-grade weather resistant steel coatings come with a 15yr guarantee. 
  • Our unique panels come with an integral “Cam Lock System” designed to quickly connect the panels together and disconnect them should you need to move your pod.

Quick Kit Pods offer the ability to create extra space, easily and affordably with the added benefit that in time it could be moved if required. Easy to assemble yourself – it’s just like assembling flat-packed furniture! Quick Kit Pods are designed to require minimal heating, indeed when used as an office most clients find that the heat generated from their PC/Printer/Lighting and body heat is generally enough, making them a very affordable long-term choice and a very eco-friendly one too!

Although originally designed as an affordable home office, clients have also purchased Quick Kit Pods for a wide range of leisure and home business uses, including: 

  • Home Office
  • Home Gym
  • Play Room
  • Bar
  • Games Room
  • Home Cinema
  • Therapy/treatment room
  • Craft Room

Need Something Larger?

If you’re looking for a larger garden room or studio you can see details of our Quick Kit Garden Rooms available here.

The 2 smaller pods can only accommodate a standard size door opening of 1.8m which is enough for a patio-style double door, however the 2 larger units offer the choice of a 1.8m or a larger 3m opening which would allow you to fit a 3/4 door combination. (Please note that as standard doors and windows are not supplied with the Quick Kit Pod, however we can supply these for you at an additional cost if required)

The standard external finish is goosewing grey, with anthracite contrasting trims, but you may also choose from anthracite or cream. If you prefer you can opt for a wood clad exterior on your pod which comes at an additional cost, please enquire for prices.

The Internal finish is white (hygienic/foodsafe laminate – fully washable/wet wipedown)

What do you need to prepare ready for your Quick Kit Pod?

A Base – All you need to set up your Quick Kit Pod is a level base. This is essential and we recommend that you start with a “patio” type base, similar to that required for a hot tub. The Pod will sit on aluminium base rails which are designed to provide floor span support and allow air flow under the floor and these rails will need a flat surface to sit on. 

Electrics – We recommend that you pre-plan your electrical requirements and use a professional, certified electrician. Guidance can be provided on electrical service access points and mechanical fixings and sealing panels after penetrations are made. 

Windows/Doors – Quick Kit Pods are designed around two standard structural opening sizes -1800mm and 3000mm which suit most standard door and window manufacturing sizes. All aperture heights are 2100mm and the panels are supplied with integral timber section to allow secure fixing. Rooms can be configured to use 2 sets of doors and integrate glazed panels to create the appearance of a large glazed aperture if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will your Quick Kit Pod be delivered?

Your Quick Kit Pod will be delivered to you as a complete flat-packed kit, with full instructions, ready to be assembled. The openings for the doors will be made to the size specified in your order, ready for you to fit your own doors once you have erected your pod. Once your order is paid for, we’ll email you the instruction manual with your order confirmation so you have it ready for when your Quick Kit Pod arrives.

I want one, how do I order?
  1. Click on the size that you want above
  2. Choose from the options whether you want a 1.8m or a 3m opening for your doors.
  3. Choose whether you would like your pod finished in Goosewing Grey or Cream. If you would like to upgrade to a wood-clad finish please click here to request a quote.
  4. Click add to cart
  5. Complete your payment online via our secure system
  6. Once your payment has gone through you’ll receive a confirmation email from our team. Within the next 7 working days a member of our team will give you a call to arrange your delivery date.
How soon will I receive my Quick Kit Pod?

Your Quick Kit Pod will be made to order based on your specific choices and we generally offer customers delivery dates for 4-6 weeks from date of order.  

Refunds and Guarantees

In the unlikely event that your pod is found to be faulty we will endeavour to replace the faulty part or repair the issue as quickly as possible. Your Quick Kit Pod exterior is guaranteed for 15 years, these are extremely high-quality units made with exceptionally strong and robust materials, meaning once your Quick Kit Pod is up you can relax and enjoy using it without worrying about any maintenance.  

The technical details

Quick Kit Pods come with:

  • cantilevered roof overhang of 500mm & trapezoidal roof cladding 
  • Cam locking pre formed corners. 
  • Preformed structural door openings.
  • Integrated support timbers for fixings. 
  • Clear internal height 2100mm. 

Insulation is provided by the 90mm HCFC free PUR core. Our core insulation has a Zero Ozone depletion rating and a GWP rating of 3 (Global Warming Potential), products with a score of less than 5 are considered as excellent in terms of eco friendliness.

In addition to the excellent thermal properties of the Quick Kit Pod system, the panel to panel connection design also provides excellent levels of airtightness making the structure extremely efficient, unlike a “drafty” timber alternative.

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