Guardian Conservatory Roof – The Ultimate Guide By Quick Kit Build

Here at Quick Kit Build we often get asked about the Guardian Conservatory Roof system that we use with our conservatory roof replacement service. Prior to choosing the guardian roofing system we looked into a variety of different alternatives to determine which is the best for our clients – this post will aim at teaching you, the customer – about the Guardian Conservatory Roof system. It will discuss some of the main questions we get asked and also be updated monthly so that you are getting the most current news about the Guardian Conservatory Roof.

If you have any questions about the Guardian Conservatory Roof provided by Quick Kit Build then please get in touch with a member of our expert team today!

What is a guardian conservatory roof?

Firstly, it is important you know exactly what a Guardian Conservatory Roof is – The roofing system we supply has been on sale over in Ireland for roughly 10 years what this means for you is that you are getting a well-established and reliable roofing system for your conservatory roof. Due to the building structure and construction of a Guardian roofing system we are able to replace a glass our polycarbonate roof in just a few days. This means less time replacing the roof and more time enjoying your new conservatory. It is essentially a lightweight insulated replacement conservatory roof.

How does a Guardian Conservatory roof differ to a normal roof?

First things first, a guardian conservatory roof is a solid conservatory roofing option which is different to your traditional glass or polycarbonate roof. The main way this makes a difference to your conservatory is the thermal efficiency of the conservatory once the new roof is installed. The Guardian Conservatory Roof helps to make your conservatory into less of an extension on your house but instead makes your conservatory feel like any other room in your home.

What are the benefits of a guardian conservatory roof?

The type of Guardian roofing system that we use here at Quick Kit Build is the Guardian Warm Roof. The Guardian Warm Roof has a variety of benefits. Firstly the nature in which the roof is built allows for thermal efficiency which means your conservatory will be able to retain heat during the winter months and stay cool during summer. As previously mentioned one of the biggest benefits is the time that it takes to fit one of the guardian conservatory roofs. The final benefit that the warm roofing system provides to the consumer is the variety of slate options that you can choose from – this means that you can fully customise your new solid Guardian Conservatory Roof.

The different Guardian Roof shapes and styles?

Due to the customisability of the Guardian Roofing system, we are able to offer a variety of different sizes and styles of conservatory roofs. The different types of roof can be split into 4 main categories which are, Victorian, Edwardian, P-Shape and Gable Front.


Victorian styled Conservatory Roofs offers a modern styling and gives a lot of choice into the selection and position of the conservatory doors. Victorian styles are commonly 3-5 facet designs and are seen as an alternative to the Edwardian that is also offered here at Quick Kit Build.

Edwardian Tiled Conservatory Roofs are highly sought after amongst our clients. The reason for this is down to the classic, contemporary and popular shape that the roof options. Because of this Edwardian styles are able to complement and fit in with most housing styles.

Another style of Guardian Conservatory Roof is Gable Front – Although the name may sound confusing, worry not. Gable Front simply allows you the customer to get the lightest and airy feeling from your conservatory roof and windows. The main distinguishing feature of the Gable Front style is the sense of continuous height that the roof gives you.

All of the Guardian Conservatory Roofs mentioned above come with a 10 Year insurance Guarantee supplied by Quick Kit Build and we also aim to get your conservatory roof finished within 3 working days.

Use your Conservatory throughout the year

Thanks to the Guardian Warm Roof technology our customers are able to enjoy their conservatory yearly. The main problem customers come to us with is the age-old problem of a conservatory being too warm in summer and too cold in the winter months. With Guardian Conservatory roofs, your conservatory is able to retain heat in the winter months which means you can use the conservatory more and also hopefully decreases your monthly heating bill within the winter months. Similarly, the need for fans and any air conditioning units within the summer months can become a thing of the past. In summer the conservatory roof is able to reflect the suns rays and thus keeps your conservatory cool and usable during those warm summer months

Quick Kit Build Guardian Conservatory Roof Service.

Here at Quick Kit Build we pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction – at the moment we are currently installing 3-4 tiled Guardian Conservatory Roofs a week. What this means for you is that you are starting a business relationship with a company who really knows what they are doing and is constantly keeping up-to-date with latest technologies and trends within the conservatory roofing industry. As previously mentioned we are able to complete a conservatory replacement job in as little as 3 days and offer a 10 years insurance backed guarantee. A few other reasons as to why you should choose Quick Kit Build for your Guardian Conservatory Roof service are:

  • Free no obligation quote on your replacement roof
  • Highly qualified and experienced tradesmen
  • Vast range of roofs and variety in styles

If you have any questions regarding the Guardian Conservatory Roof service on offer here at Quick Kit Build then please do get in touch with a member of the team today and we can start transforming your conservatory into something extremely homely and usable.

With our 10-Year Guarantee on all of our Conservatory Roofs you can rest assured that in the unlikely event you need any work doing to the conservatory roof you are covered.