Why Invest In A Garden Room This Summer


Garden rooms are becoming more and more popular every year with homeowners realising how great of an investment they are. There’s not many of us who wouldn’t want to add some extra living space to our properties at an affordable price, without having to fork out for an expensive house conversion. So what’s the solution? Put simply, a garden room is the perfect solution and will especially be very favoured for those long hot summer months filled with soaring suns and tranquil breezes.


You will find that modern garden rooms have become highly durable and versatile, practically being able to be used for many different purposes, such as; a home office, a gym, a garden bar, hot tub room, or just a little hideaway retreat to unwind and relax in. Before you make any investment, you should have in mind what you want to get out of your garden room. Will it be just for the summer months or all year round? Of course, you must also consider whether it will need electricity or insulation. Once you know what you want out of your garden room, then there’s nothing stopping you from carrying out your new garden venture.


What are the benefits of owning a garden room?

There are many different ways a garden room can benefit homeowners and families, each household is different and the beauty of a garden room lies within the fact that it can cater to different families, with different tastes and different lives. Here are some of the key benefits that we have outlined below:


Extra living space

Garden rooms are great for providing you with some additional living space and can be a much simpler and cheaper option than a home extension. By investing in a garden room, you have the additional living space without having to modify your home and it can become your little getaway retreat, which is one of the main attractions that come with a garden room.


Adding an extension to a house can be a complex process and cannot always be guaranteed because of the required planning permissions. Alternatively, a garden room can offer the same living space value but without the hassle of having a home extension. Depending on the use of your garden room, planning permission will not be needed unless its use is for full time living.


Quick and easy installation 

Most garden rooms on the market will be very quick and easy to assemble and will require no special assistance from installers. This is an attractive perk that comes with investing in a garden room, unlike having an extension to your house, which can be very time consuming and much more expensive. Construction work can take months for an extension project and can become a real inconvenience for many homeowners, disrupting their daily lives.


Our very own quick kit pods range is the perfect example of how style meets practicality within an additional living space. Our quick kit pods can be easily built within just one day and each contains a unique system that is fully demountable and reusable. They also come with a high-grade weather-resistant steel coating which is perfect for the British weather, because after all, a British summer isn’t a British summer without more than a few drops of rain.



A garden room really is a perfect investment as a modern garden room is a great value for money. Garden rooms are affordable living spaces to add to your property and will be significantly cheaper than a house extension and can save you a lot of stress. Relatively, you will find that a high-quality garden room will be less than a standard conservatory extension, but will be much better value for money because of its range of potential uses.


Investing in a garden room can also increase the value of your property, as your property will become more unique if it has a functional and attractive living space.


Our garden rooms

Here at Quick Kit Build, our garden rooms have been designed to offer you contemporary and bespoke living space that will bring your garden to life. Each garden room is efficiently designed to offer all year round use with low maintenance and has the potential for a range of different uses. Our garden rooms are manufactured for very quick assembly which can be done by yourself and can be up and running within one day with some of our designs. Transform your garden this summer and bring a whole new unique living space to your home.


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