Velux Home Extension – Get Twice the light in your Extension!

We all know the positive effects of home extensions, they bring extra space to your home, add value to the resale value of your home and can be used to create some really unique and special spaces in your home. One thing that is often a problem for extensions is ensuring that enough light makes it into the extension itself – This adds to the perceived space and ensures that your new extension is not left feeling cramped and closed in. Velux Home Extensions are one of the most effective ways to fix this problem by combining your new extension with a variety of windows of all different shapes and sizes to get a decent amount of light into the extension.  Velux home extensions are able to create twice the amount of light in your conservatory and vastly improve the feel and look of your new area. This post is here to help you understand a little bit more about Velux Home Extensions; what they are, why they work and also give you some knowledge about both Velux at Quick Kit Build.

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What is the Velux Home Extension?

The Velux home extensions are similar to other extensions such as SIP Extensions, and Guardian Extensions. The Velux extension takes things to the next level offering people the ability to add Velux windows to flat extensions, angled extensions, loft conversions and any extension that is out there. Most recently Velux have developed the worlds first curved window/rooflight for extensions and are constantly pushing the boundaries. Essentially with a Velux Home Extension, you are getting the most out of your extension and creating a light & airy room for you and your family to make the most of!

What makes the Velux Home Extension So Special?

Velux is Europes largest manufacturer of windows and is constantly striving to improve and develop upon the windows that they currently have. The reason Velux Home Extensions are so special is their ability to create exceptional areas of light for extensions helping to take the extension and turn it into an extremely beautiful and inspiring place. When considering to go ahead with extensions you want it to be perfect from the get-go and Velux windows help achieve this and constantly exceed customer expectations

Velux Home Extension Window

As you can see in the extension above, the Velux Windows help to turn this lovely extension into an extremely light and airy space even on a wet and dreary day in the UK. Without these windows, this extension would be a lot darker and could be seen as being cramped

You can check out some of the extensions we have done by heading on over the link provided

Why should you consider the Velux Home Extension?

The Velux home extension is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to bring light into your new home extension. There are a variety of different style of Velux windows to choose from – all with their different benefits. The different types that are available are, Roof Windows, Flat Roof Windows and also a variety of different Modular Skylight Systems which take extensions to the next level and provide huge amounts of light into extensions. In addition to this, the windows themselves come with a great number of modern gadgets such as Bluetooth connectivity to phones and thermostats that will automatically control the Velux windows opening the windows to help regulate the temperature of your extension meaning it never gets too warm or too cold. In addition to this, Velux have also taken the next steps in security allowing you to fully lock down all of your Velux windows. This is perfect if you are out for long periods of time or on holiday – It gives you peace of mind knowing that your home and windows are fully secured.

Who are Velux?

Velux are Europes biggest manufacturer of roof windows and focus on the quality of their products. The company itself is a Danish company who are experts in the production and constant development of roof windows and a variety of different skylights. The company was founded back in 1941 and they installed their first window in a Danish school over 75 years ago. Fast forward to 2018 and Velux offer some of the best products that are available in today’s market. The windows are built with longevity in mind and will stand the test of time. When choosing to buy a Velux Home Extensions you are not only buying a good quality product but you are buying from a company who has a clear focus on customer satisfaction and the delivery of their products.

If you would like to do a bit more research about Velux themselves then please head on over to the link provided to get the low down on all things Velux.

What are the alternative extension options?

Here at Quick Kit Build we are experts in a variety of different extensions and all of these provide exceptional value to customers.  The world of home extensions is quite a big place and it can often be difficult to understand what is right and best for you and your family. Below is a brief overview of all the different style of extensions we offer and how these are beneficial to you!

SIP Panel Extensions – Structural Insulated Panels are made of two lawyers that are then filled with an internal layer of insulation. This helps to make the installation time for these extensions extremely quick and allows users to reap the benefits straight away. This also minimises the disruption to your home.

Guardian Extensions – Guardian extension are billed as the future of home extensions and are fully prefabricated off-site so that when it comes to the installation time for these extensions it is drastically reduced! The extensions themselves are able to produce a U-Value that is as low as 1.0W/m2K making it one of the most energy efficient extensions on the market.

One thing that these extensions all have in common is that Velux windows are able to take them all to the next level and provide exceptional levels of light into the extensions allowing your new extension to be airy, light and stylish.

Who are Quick Kit Build?

Climat Roofs have been working within the Conservatory Replacement, Extension and Home Improvement for nearly 10 years now and in that time have constantly developed the services and standard of service that we provide to our customers. The work carried out by our expertly trained members of staff helps to create the wow factor that people want when improving their home. In addition to the various extension services listed in this post, there are a variety of other great services that we offer. The main product being replacement conservatory roof services for clients; utilising the amazing Guardian Warm Roof we are able to drastically change customers conservatories and ensure that they are usable throughout the year no matter what the weather!

If you have any questions about the Velux Home Extensions that we offer then please get in touch with a member of the Quick Kit Build team today and we will be happy to help answer any questions that you may have!