Our tiled conservatory roof Exeter service – Why you should invest!

What is a tiled conservatory roof?

A tiled conservatory roof is similar to the look of a traditional conservatory however as the name suggests the roof is not made from glass but instead is made from tiles. There are a variety of reasons why our customers choose to opt for a tiled conservatory roof. Many customers choose our tiled conservatory roof Exeter service as we are able to transform an existing conservatory into an extended living space that allows our happy customers to enjoy their conservatory all year round.

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Why should you have a tiled conservatory roof?

A tiled conservatory roof not only offers a great extension for anyone’s property it also gets rid of any problems conservatories face with seasonality change in temperature. Because of the tiled roof the conservatory is able to keep away any of the glare from the sun and unwanted noise that comes from rainfall. A tiled conservatory will remain spacious and light all year round due to the windows covering the conservatory. In addition, one downfall with some conservatories is the annoyance that can come from the wind – opting for a tiled conservatory roof means that you are getting an extra level of insulation and an increase in the soundproofing qualities of the conservatory.

Another reason why our customers often opt for our tiled conservatory roof Exeter service is due to the choice of colour of the tiles, we offer a variety of three main colours which are antique red, ebony and burnt umber – A more detailed description of our tiled conservatory roof services outlines the different options our customers can choose from

Why replace your conservatory with tiles?

As discussed above there are many advantages to a tiled conservatory roof but why should you replace your current conservatory roof with tiles?

  • Ability to use the conservatory year round regardless of the weather in the cold winters and warm summers
  • Extra insulation for the conservatory due to the tiled roofing which will lower the cost of heating in winter
  • Tailored tiled conservatory roofing by Quick Kit Build
  • Variety to choose from many different options so you can create your dream conservatory environment

In addition to all of the benefits of that comes tiled roofing service offered by Quick Kit Build complies with the current UK building regulations and leaves are customers feeling extremely happy about their new tiled conservatory roof

Quick Kit Build tiled conservatory roof Exeter service

If you currently aren’t satisfied with your conservatory and find yourself not being able to enjoy the perks of having a conservatory all year round with cheaper heating bills then, a tiled conservatory roof is the solution for you. At Quick Kit Build we provide tiled conservatory roofing that is suited to our customer’s needs and is the ideal solution to achieve a homely extension to any property.

At Quick Kit Build we pride ourselves on being a reliable and efficient conservatory roofing company. The average tiled conservatory roofing service takes as little as three days and we also supply a 10-year insurance guarantee with each completed project.

If you would like to find out more about our tiled conservatory roof Exeter service then please do get in touch today and we can start creating your ideal conservatory