Solid Conservatory roof Yeovil

Experiencing problems with your conservatory? Why should you change your conservatory roof? This post will outline why it is beneficial to change a conservatory roof to a solid conservatory roof and also outline our conservatory roof Yeovil service here at Quick Kit Build.

What is a solid conservatory roof?

Many customers come to us unaware of what exactly a solid conservatory roof actually is. Simply put, a solid conservatory roof is a conservatory roof which differs from your more traditional roof made from glass and is instead made from a solid substance and in many cases is tiled. A solid conservatory roof is a perfect way to make your conservatory a homey accessible room all year round. Solid conservatory roofs are able to turn conservatories cooler during summer and warmer during winter. 

Here at Quick Kit Build we offer a reliable and great quality solid conservatory roof Yeovil service, if you wish to find out more then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Give us a call on 01934 416388

Why should you change from a Glass or Polycarbonate roof?

You may be experiencing problems with you already existing glass or polycarbonate roof. Problems are usually down to the lack of temperature regulation that is provided by these types of roofs. A solid conservatory roof aims to tackle these problems. Firstly, solid conservatory roofs are able to retain heat during the colder months due to an extra level of insulation which in turn keeps heat within the conservatory and reduces your heating cost during the winter months. Secondly, in the summer months the usual heat associated with glass or polycarbonate roofs is minimised due to the sun’s rays being deflected away from the conservatory.

Some customers are often worried that with the addition of a solid conservatory roof you may lose the amount of sunlight that comes into the conservatory itself. This is not necessarily the case as the conservatory will still have the surrounding exterior windows to provide a large amount of sunlight making the conservatory still feel homely and pleasant.

Guardian solid conservatory roof by Quick Kit Build

At Quick Kit Build we are proud to offer the Guardian Warm Roof. The Guardian warm roof is a type of solid conservatory roof that ultimately replaces the current conservatory roof that you have and instead replaces it with an extremely lightweight tiled alternative to the glass and/or polycarbonate roof previously installed on the conservatory.

Some of the benefits to a guardian warm roof system are as follows. Firstly, the installation process of our solid conservatory roofs Yeovil can take up to as little as 3 days. Secondly, the Guardian roofing system is extremely resistant to any leakage that may occur and is able to retain heat and coolness effectively. Because of the insulation provided by the guardian warm roof, warm air cannot easily escape the conservatory making your conservatory ideal for cold winter evenings and a reduction in your heating bill.

Our solid conservatory roof Yeovil service

At Quick Kit Build our ethos is to provide a service to our customers which is reliable, efficient and high-quality service to our customers. All of our installers are qualified tradesmen and ensure that every fitting that is done by Quick Kit Build is to an exceptionally high standard and achieves an excellent finish upon completion of the product.

If you would like to find out more about our solid conservatory roof Yeovil service then feel free to get in touch today and together we can turn your conservatory into a year round fully functioning extension of your home