Replacement Conservatory Roof Prices in Birmingham Discussed by Quick Kit Build

Your conservatory is a wonderful area of your house which could be being enjoyed all year round. If you are not able to relax in your current conservatory during the winter or summer then you may have a polycarbonate, glass or other type of conservatory roofing. If this is the case then you may not be aware of other roofing systems that have been developed to transform your conservatory to an area or room in your house that you can enjoy all year round! Quick Kit Build had a look at several different roof systems on the market before we selected the Guardian Warm Roof System. This well established and reliable system has been tried and tested for over 10 years and is the perfect solution to non-desirable conservatory roofing materials. In this article, we will discuss how the Guardian Warm Roof system can transform the way that you use your conservatory dramatically as well as who we are and how our expert team of tradesmen can help install your replacement conservatory roof. If you are looking for replacement conservatory roof prices in Birmingham or if you are looking for a replacement conservatory roof in Birmingham then call Quick Kit Build today on: 01934 416388

Why Make the Transition to the Guardian Warm Roof System?

You may be asking yourself why youReplacement Conservatory Roof Prices Birmingham should look into swapping out your current conservatory roof for the Guardian Warm Roof System, and there are several reasons why you should consider a replacement conservatory roof. Due to changes in building regulations implemented in 2011, polycarbonate and glass roofing as well as other common conservatory roof materials have been frowned upon and are often being replaced with more secure and energy efficient roofing. Leakage in the roof of the conservatory is often commonplace with these less weather resistant materials and leaking can lead to condensation and growth of mould within your conservatory. Compare this to the Guardian Warm Roof System and there really is no comparison. The Guardian Warm Roof System is installed by us with a Building Regulation Certificate and is compliant to JHAI specification. This replacement roofing system is structurally proven and resistant to mould and condensation. This results in a system that resists wind and snow loading and a system that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This allows you to enjoy your conservatory all year round and not have to worry about structural weakness.

Hiring Our Expert Team of Tradesmen

Our expert team of extensively qualified tradesmen are readily available to install your new replacement conservatory roof. We pride ourselves on our exceptionally high standards and ensuring that an excellent finish is applied upon completion of your replacement conservatory roof. For the average conservatory, a roof replacement will only take a few days and will comply to all local building regulations with an LABC certification. We have served Birmingham and the surrounding areas for many years and all of our customers are ecstatic with the work that we have carried out for them and how it has changed the way they can use their conservatory. As the replacement conservatory roof is installed onto your existing frames, the process takes on average 3 days to complete and this is the perfect way to remove the disadvantages that you may be experiencing with an older style conservatory roof. With the competitive nature of replacement conservatory roof prices, it is highly recommended that you consider this if you are having issues with your conservatory roof.

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Should you have an older style conservatory roof such as a polycarbonate or glass roof then you will greatly benefit from installing the Guardian Warm Roof system. This system is an ingenious roofing system which is weather resistant, anti-leaking and allows you to enjoy your conservatory all year round. This is because of the fact that the insulation works in both directions, for example snow and ice sitting on top of your conservatory will not melt and heat will not be felt on the inside of your conservatory. The average U-value of a glass conservatory roof is 2.8 and a polycarbonate is 1.7. In comparison, the Guardian Warm Roof System has a U-value of 0.18 which is a tremendous difference. If you’re looking to replace your conservatory roof in Birmingham then there really is no better choice than the Guardian Warm Roof System. If you are looking for a conservatory roof replacement in Birmingham or if you want to find out more about replacement conservatory roof prices in Birmingham then contact the team at Quick Kit Build today by telephoning us now on: 01934 416388