Replacement Conservatory Roofs and Tiles Roofs in Bournemouth by Quick Kit Build

Your conservatory can be a pleasure to use and pleasant extra space or room in your house. Nevertheless, a tired looking roof, or perhaps worse a damaged or dripping roof, can ruin the look and enjoyment of the conservatory. You may even find that according to conditions your conservatory is either too hot or too cold to enjoy. An upgraded conservatory roof structure will be the answer. Converting your conservatory roof to a light-weight tiled roof enormously heightens the appearance of the conservatory and manages the temperature inside the conservatory, this means you can use it, in comfort, all year long.

At Quick Kit Build we consider ourselves to be the market leaders in the manufacture of tiled lightweight conservatory roofs in Bournemouth. We have acutely explored various roof systems and analysed the ones that would work best for our clients. We have chosen the Guardian Warm Roof System as it is one of the most efficient roof systems available in the market. We have a group of focused employees to make certain that every installation is completed in the most professional way. Utilising this replacement conservatory roof system, we’re able to remove and replace your conservatory roof in just a couple of days. We have years of experience in terms of conservatory roof replacements and also tiled conservatory roofs.

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You can rest assured of quality service from Quick Kit Build as every one of our installations has been certified by LABC, which means each will abide by the terms and regulations for local buildings. We assist you in finding solutions to any roofing difficulties you will have, as a result of our great understanding of roofing issues. Our team of local professional industry experts will almost always be on time, polite whilst keeping the client in mind when undertaking projects.

Replacement Conservatory Tiled Roof BournemouthHere are some reasons why you might want to opt for Quick Kit Build for fitting your replacement conservatory roof structure:

1. We guarantee you an expert and trustworthy service

2. Our fitters are highly trained and ready to give you the best solution

3. You will have a vast number of styles from which to select

4. You are assured a 10-year guarantee

5. You get yourself a high-quality light-weight conservatory roof

6. You get great value for your money

The complete installation procedure takes about three days. The method requires the removal of your already existing polycarbonate roof covering and updating it with a lightweight tiled conservatory roof structure. When this is finished, you get a tiled roof on the exterior and a plastered vault ceiling inside. You’ll also have insulating material in between.

Our team are ready and willing to provide you guidance and advice on the roofing structure which will work effectively for you. A new tiled conservatory roof would be perfect as a replacement for the current roof structure. We strive to supply all of our customers with something they can be very proud of for a long time. Do not forget that our tiled conservatory roofing product is really the only one which is in accordance with United Kingdom’s building regulations. We take pride in being trusted and always providing what our clients expect from us.

There is a large number of varieties our clients can choose from. For each roof structure design and style, there are particular positive aspects. Any service we offer is conveniently priced and carries a 100 % free no-obligation quote. We provide our products and services in Wales, Southern UK, Midlands and London and, of course, Bournemouth.

The process is quite simple; we take off your glass or polycarbonate roof covering and fit the lighter Guardian tiled roof covering. Here are some of the tiled conservatory roof designs you may get from us:

Edwardian Tiled Conservatory Roof

This is just about the most popular and classic roof structure designs around. When complete it looks fantastic. The style will ensure that you thoroughly maximise your additional space, regardless of the temperature. This type of roofing style works with most house styles as it is particularly versatile.

Lean to Tiled Conservatory Roof

This style is preferred by many people as it can be constructed easily to slot in any conservatory roof design and style. It is wonderful for kitchen extensions. It also maximises the room behind your home and increases the attraction of the room. The ends can come in 1 or 2 slants.

Victorian Tiled Conservatory Roof

It has excellent contemporary styling with an increase of alternatives on the positioning of the doorways and features a three-facet roofing design. This style can really be convenient should you lack space or room in your back garden. The internal plaster finish finishes the design and gives your roof a sophisticated visual appeal.

Gabled Tiled Conservatory Roof

One of the primary popular features of this design will be the continuous height it can bring to a space. This style is fantastic for roof replacing or the building of a new one. It comes with an extended ridge in the middle that will enable one to make good use of your rooftop windows.

Double Hipped Conservatory Roof

This style is designed for bungalows. You can use it for the renovation of an older conservatory that you can modernise. The style is highly recommended because it is very versatile and may be used in several ways.

Bespoke Tiled Conservatory Roofs

No matter what the shape and size of your conservatory we can style and design and install a tailor-made replacement conservatory roof to fit the shape of the present conservatory.

Roofing tiles

The whole set of roofing tiles we use are manufactured from Zincalume protected steel. This fundamentally means that you get a superior quality and durable roof covering. We will also take consideration of all of your ideas to ensure you get precisely what you’re looking for. We can easily happily say we have established a fantastic relationship with all of our previous customers simply because of the fantastic professional services we have constantly offered. Our principal priority is to ensure that you do not spend too much money on your roofing system and also at the same time make sure that you get the best out of it.

Here at Quick Kit Build, we offer a 10-year guarantee for each and every installation of a lightweight conservatory roof.

Want to know a little more about our products and services? Merely complete the “Quick Quote” form and we’ll be in contact. If you are content with the quotation, you are able to place your order with one of the company’s employees. From here, one of our surveyors will visit to precisely measure the precise measurements for the purpose of production. Soon after submitting your 5-day building notice to the Local Authority Or Council for Building Regulations, the manufacturing process of your roof will start on the factory floor. Your last step is to chill out and take it easy as we fit your conservatory roof safe, in the knowledge that Quick Kit Build are on-the-job.

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