When it comes to building a home extension, conventional wisdom is that brick-built extensions are the best way to build.

Advances in building technology and the increase in off-site manufactured building solutions mean that today’s modern methods of construction are in fact far superior. Advanced building systems like NEO are now much better than brick in terms of quality, design and service.

NEO extensions are manufactured to the right size and specifications in the NEO factory, reducing the time-consuming part of the build, so that when your NEO extension arrives on site, the walls and roof can be watertight within 2 days. Then work on the inside and outside can begin, reducing time to completion by weeks and sometimes months.

NEO can be built in any weather and because it is watertight in 2 days, the weather is less likely to disrupt the building schedule and because there is less cement work, there is less mess.

The Ultrapanels that form the structure of your walls and roof, combine energy saving insulation with a steel and timber i-beam structure. This is not only much stronger than brickwork but is better insulated too. There are no draughts, and because the super-strong NEO structure is extremely well insulated you will save money on heating bills vs a brick-built extension.

This high thermal performance of both the walls and the roof mean you can afford significantly more glass in your extension design without worrying about heat loss. Most natural light will enter a room through the roof and every NEO roof has an integrated rooflight solution. You can also cost effectively install large bi-folding or sliding doors to bring the outside in, as NEO is strong enough to accommodate some large spans without the need for steels.

With NEO, the design options are endless. The NEO software enables you to be part of the design process and experiment with different looks, layouts and finishes. Whether you choose a flat or pitched roof with glass or tiles or whether you want a brick or cladded finish, NEO helps you through the design process including the choice windows and doors. Whether you want a traditional look to match your home or a more modern, contrasting design, everything is possible with NEO.

Not only will your NEO extension be around five times faster, because a significant part of the work is done in the factory, there are much less opportunities for costs to escalate on site, ensuring your project is not only delivered on time, but on budget too.

Top 10 reasons to choose a NEO extension vs traditional brick

  1. Weeks quicker than a traditional build
  2. Less weather dependent to eliminate delays
  3. Better insulated for lower heating bills
  4. Plenty of natural light
  5. Designed to accommodate large sets of doors
  6. Traditional or contemporary bespoke design
  7. Extensive range of roof designs with integrated rooflights
  8. Creates less mess in your garden
  9. On time on budget
  10. A warmer, brighter space to live in

If you’re not convinced, watch and listen to Paul, a former bricklayer who believes that brick is no longer the best way to build.