Buying Guide – How Long Do Structurally Insulated Panels Last?


Are you currently in the process of planning your dream home improvements project? Whether it be a stunning home extension or a beautiful garden house ready for the warmer months of the year, SIP panels offer an extremely reliable solution. Boasting a U value as low as 0.10 W/m2K, you gain the perfect living space which is both cheap to run and highly insulated to keep you feeling cosy late into the summer evenings. 


Structurally insulated panels, otherwise referred to as SIP panels have a lifespan of 60+ Years offering you the perfect long term solution for any project you have in mind. With the correct maintenance, you can add many more years to this expected lifespan. In this article, we will be discussing some of the main factors impacting the lifespan of your new SIP panel project


Factors That Impact The Lifespan of SIP Pannels  


SIP panels are like any other building practice, if installed and maintained correctly they will last a lifetime. If the panels installed incorrectly and the building supplies used are a poor quality you can expect to see a whole range of the problem. Below is a breakdown of the two most common factors which will contribute to your new SIP panel extension not lasting as long as expected. 


Poor Installation of Structurally Insulated Panels


When it comes to having a home extension/garden room built its crucial that the project is taken care of by a qualified professional, especially when working with SIP Pannels. Failure to compete for the project to industry standards can lead to your dream project falling short of your expectations. A common problem you will find with poor installation is leaks. If the structure hasn’t been sealed off properly, water will start to leak into the room and cause mould to form. The water damage can also compromise the structure and make it unsafe. 


Poor Quality Building Supplies Used 


When undertaking a home improvements project using SIP panels, top quality supplies must be used at all times. This ranges from the SIP panels themself to the brickwork that is used on the exterior of the extension. By using high-quality building supplies you can help eliminate issues such as drafts and cold spots as the structure has been put together correctly and is built to the highest of standards. Quality building supplies help to reduce the chance of experiencing problems with the extension, therefore, allowing you to make the most out of the additional living space for longer. 


How Can Homeowners Avoid These Common Problems  


Avoiding these common factors is simple, it all starts with finding the right company to get the job done. Unfortunately, finding a reputable building company may not be as simple as you expect. There are hundreds of companies out there that look very good online but when they come to work on your property the truth is revealed. To eliminate this risk, speak to others who have had similar work completed and see who they recommend. Reviews from platforms such as trust a trader are also another great place to check before going ahead with the project. 


To summarise this article, SIP panels are a great solution for a range of home improvements projects but only when installed and maintained correctly. Make sure you take the time and do your research, this is a costly investment so it’s extremely important sure it’s done right first time.