Home Improvement Trends

The start of the new year is a great time to take a step back from everyday life and ask yourself “is it time for some well-needed home improvements”. We offer a range of home improvements here at Quick Kit Build. All of our installers are team guardian approved and are fully trained and qualified. We are trusted for a range of home improvements and have excellent reviews. Get in touch    

SIP Panels

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SIP – Structural Insulated Panels.

Structural insulated panels consist of two panels holding an insulated foam core within. This construction option is becoming increasingly more popular as it is a very cost-effective and has great insulating properties. The SIP panels are renown for there heat retaining ability, this means that heating costs will be kept to a minimum.

Structural insulated panels are a tried and tested solution for an extension. This leads to SIP being a great option to consider coming into the new year as it is a modern material for construction and has many benefits. SIP has been used throughout the UK since the 1980s and have been proven as a reliable construction material. SIP can be used for all types of projects ranging from home extensions to in garden offices and sheds. The reason for SIP being such a good option for construction is that it is created in factories instead of traditional timber which is cut on site to match the requirements of the build. This helps guarantee great levels of accuracy in the sizes of the panels and if constructed correctly the results can be flawless with no gaps in the construction causing areas for heat to escape. Overall structural insulated panels are a great option for construction due to their range of benefits and being a very low-cost option.             

The Different Styles of Conservatory Roofs

We offer a range of conservatory roofing options here at Quick Kit Build. All of our roofing can be installed by one of our skilled tradesmen which are fully qualified and team guardian approved. The average job only takes 3 days.

Edwardian Tiled Conservatory Roof

This style of conservatory roof is very popular throughout the UK. During 2019 this style of roofing will only become more popular. This is due to the roofing having a very tidy look. The Edwardian style of the roofing itself blends in well with the traditional roof tile that is commonly found on most homes throughout the UK. This roofing option has a very classic look and this style also helps maximize the space within the conservatory. We take pride in being professional and efficient with our work and we offer a 10-year insurance guarantee.

Victorian Tiled Conservatory Roof

Start off 2019 with a brand new Victorian tiled conservatory Roofs. This style conservatory roof will offer a competitively unique design which gives you a lot more options on where you would like the door to be positioned. This style of roofing is lovely and due to the range of colours we provide, it is easy to find the perfect roofing option today. We offer 3-5 facet design options helping to provide an attractive alternative to the Edwardian tiled conservatory roof.  We take pride in providing quality conservatory roofs. The benefits over traditional transparent roofings are huge.

Gable Front Tilted Conservatory Roof

This conservatory roofing option is divine as it helps provide the conservatory with continuous height throughout. This inclined center of the roof helps create this very tall spacey room. This design would add a level of class to the conservatory and would turn the conservatory into one of the most favored rooms of the house. Not only does this improve the look and feel of the conservatory but it would change the look of the entire garden. All of the roofing options offer a 10-year insurance guarantee. We can also provide financing to help spread the cost out over the next 5 years. Treat yourself, Its a new year time for a new conservatory look.

Double Hip Tied Conservatory Roof

This roofing option is a perfect way to start the new year. Give the old conservatory a fresh look and ensure that it is built to last for years to come. This conservatory option creates a tiled look which can match the existing roof of the house. This helps the roof of the conservatory to seem to flow with the rest of the house. This design option is perfect for Bungalow owners or homes where height is an issue. This option can work in all situations, it is just your personal preference on whatever option that you feel would look the nicest. The conservatory is backed up with a 10-year insurance guarantee.  

Custom Conservatory Roof

Helps to create your conservatory roofing wishes in the new year. This is an option for those with a specific roofing look in their mind. We will do our absolute best to help to create that perfect conservatory look that you have always desired. Here at Quick Kit Build, we will help to manage each stage in the creation of this roof from start to finish. One of our friendly team members will work with you to understand what type of conservatory roofing look you would like to achieve. We provide a free property survey and we will supply you with a no obligation free quote. The average custom conservatory job will take around 5 weeks but we provide a 10-year insurance guarantee.  

Benefits of Having Modern Roofing Supplied by us Here at Quick Kit Build.

It is a common occurrence that people with conservators struggle to enjoy it all year round. This is because the summer months causes the conservatory to be uncomfortably hot and in the winter the room becomes too cold. This really shouldn’t happen because a conservatory is an expensive extension of the house and for the cost of constructing it, you should be able to enjoy it all year. This issue can be simply prevented. Simply by replacing the transparent glass or polycarbonate roof with a stylish tiled roof, you improve the look of the conservatory but now the conservatory is soundproof and insulated. This will help to reduce heating bills as it retains heat better. It will also help keep out the worst of the heat in the summer keeping the conservatory at a comfortable temperature.

The tiled roofing of the conservatory will help make this room feel like part of the rest of the house. This is not only due to the room become more insulated so it will still stay the same temperature as the rest of the house. The room will now look a lot more aesthetically pleasing on the inside. The conservatory can now be converted into whatever you desire for example some customers of ours have turned their conservatory into a beautiful garden side dining area where others have created offices in their conservatories. Whatever the plans are for your conservatory we can accommodate the perfect roofing you desire for your conservatory.

Re-roofing the Conservatory will Change the Look of the Entire Garden and Home


The conservatory being re-roofed will completely change the look of the entire house. The modern tiles that we provide here at Quick Kit Build will help to give your conservatory the stylish and modern look that you desire. We can also provide tiles to help match the look of the existing tiles on the roof of your home. We also provide finance across all of our products here at Quick Kit Build so you can spread the costs over 5 years which will make the roofing option more affordable.

Whatever your conservatory roofing needs we can provide a modern and stylish option that will help you transform your conservatory for the new year. All of our conservatory roofings come with a 10-year insurance guarantee and the cost can be arranged to be paid through finance over the next 5 years. Get in touch