SIP panel extensions are the future of home extensions. The panels are becoming increasingly more popular throughout the UK due to their insulating properties. SIP panels are a tried and tested solution for all extension needs. They are very cost effective and have a range of properties that make them a desirable extension option. Below is a range of SIP extensions that have completely changed the look of a home.

Kitchen Extension Constructed With SIP Panels.


The kitchen is an area of the home that is used every day for constant use. When considering what extension is best for your home a kitchen should be seriously considered. Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. Extending your kitchen with SIP panels will create an extension to the home that will stay warm throughout the coldest months. This is due to the SIP panels insulating property. This ensures that you are able to fully enjoy your extension all year round no matter what the weather brings. SIP panels are constructed from two panels holding an insulated foam core within. This unique design of the panels ensures that the extension is properly insulated and helps to keep heating costs to a minimum. Having your kitchen extended will also increase the value of your home. This is definitely a factor to consider if you plan to sell on the home in the future.


Bedroom Extension Constructed With SIP Panels


A bedroom extension is a great way to extend one of the smallest bedrooms of the home and create a wide open plan room. This extension is desirable for many reasons especially families with children. When children grow up the require more room within their bedroom for clothes storage and furniture. It may seem that there is plenty of room for the moment, but when their cott or single bed becomes a double bed the room can become tight on space. This can be prevented by considering a bedroom extension. One of the reasons to consider a SIP panel bedroom extension is that they can be constructed quickly and efficiently. This allows you to get the home back to normal as quickly as possible. One other reason to consider SIP panels as an extension option is that they can be finished with a material that matches the look of the rest of the home. This helps to create a natural looking extension that blends in well with the existing home.


The Rear of The House Extension Constructed With SIP Panels


The rear of your home is a great part of the home to consider extending. In most cases, the rear of the home overlooks the main part of your garden. This allows you to create an area of the home with an exceptional view. This should definitely be considered for all homes as it creates a space that is filled with natural light when the front of the house is without direct sunlight. The Rear of the home is an area with great beauty especially when you extend this area of the home. When considering a SIP extension your mind can rest easy knowing that this style of extension is a tried and tested solution and has proven to have excellent results.


Living Room Extension Constructed With SIP Panels


The living room of the home is an area where all the family gathers for a wide range of activities. It may just be the room that you gather once of day to sit down and enjoy a warm meal and share stories. It may be that room where you sit around the fire and enjoy your family’s favorite program or movie. Whatever the living room is used for in your home it will always be a room of great importance. It may be that you want to extend the living room so there’s more space for the family to come together. Whatever the reason for your desire for an extension a SIP extension definitely should be considered. Having a SIP panel extension ensures that your living room is fully insulated and stays warm. SIP panels are a cost effective option when considering what extension is best for your needs.

SIP Panel

This is only a limited amount of SIP extensions we offer here at Quick Kit Build. We are pleased to offer a free fixed and no obligation quote to all customers who may be considering a SIP extension.