Planning Permissions For Conservatories – Do you need Planning Permission for a Conservatory?

A question that is often asked a lot by customers here at Quick Kit Build is one that can often be a deal breaker. Planning Permission laws in the UK are not the easiest to understand but when it comes to the planning permission laws for Conservatories they are a lot easier to understand. This post is here to explain the different laws surrounding conservatory construction and how these laws may change over the coming months and years. To answer the question ‘Do I need Planning Permission for a Conservatory?’ in short, you will not have to obtain or apply for planning permission. As homeowners, you are given “Permitted Development Rights” this is something we will discuss further down the page.

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What are the current laws about Planning Permissions?

Firstly, it is important to understand exactly what Planning Permission is – By definition this is an expression of formal permission for a local council or governing authority that allows changes and alterations of a building. The good news for conservatory construction is that there are a variety of different scenarios in which planning permission will not be needed.

The environment in which planning permission will not be needed is through whats called the Permitted Development Rights and this entitles a homeowner to do the following and build any single storey extension as long as the following points are adhered to.

  • The extension or structure if at the front of the property can be up to 3 metres in height.
  • If the extension or structure is at the side of a property, then the width is allowed to be any length but the building must not extend over the front or rear elevated walls.
  • When the extension or structure is built at the rear of the property – the width is allowed to be any length as long as the building itself doesn’t exceed the side elevated walls. For detached properties, you are looking at around 4 metres and for all other properties, the projected length is around 3 metres.
  • In addition to this, the planning portal gives the following advice – You should still contact the local planning authority for your area to discuss the building that you are proposing before you put any plans in place and work is started. This is to ensure that if there are any unforeseen problems the planning authority will be able to inform you if any permission is needed.

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How may the laws be changing?

It is important to note that at some point during 2019 the rules and regulations will become a bit more relaxed and the new “Prior Notification” law will be brought in. This means that for those with a detached home can project their building up from 4-8 metres in the garden. For all other homeowners, buildings will be allowed to extended 3-6 metres in the garden. With the implementation of Prior Notification, it is a much simpler type of planning permission due to the ease at which the forms can be filled in. The main difference with Prior Notification is that there is no full architectural plan needed. You can check out one of the outlines for the plan by heading on over to this link.

This means that when the new Prior Notification law is in effect, full planning permission will only be needed on single storey extensions and detached properties that have over 8 metres of projection with all other properties needing permission when the building extension exceeds 6 metres in height.

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