Implementing a Conservatory Roof in South Wales Explained by Quick Kit Build

Conservatory Roof South WalesIs your conservatory roof not performing particularly well in the summer? Perhaps your conservatory is extremely hot and you cannot enjoy the sun sitting in a cool room. This is most likely due to the fact that the material that your conservatory roof is made out of is not particularly energy efficient. This can ruin the experience of owning a conservatory, especially when you are trying to enjoy the summer sun from an indoor area but there is a fantastic solution. Since changes in building regulations in 2011 regarding solid roofs on conservatories, more and more people started to change their glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs to a lightweight tiled roof. These roofs are far more energy efficient and are more durable to the elements. In this article, we will discuss why glass and polycarbonate roofing is the issue and why the Guardian Warm Roof system that we install is a far more viable solution. If you are looking for a conservatory roof in South Wales or if you require a replacement conservatory roof in South Wales then contact Quick Kit Build today or give our team a call now on: 01934 416388

Replacing a Glass & Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof

You may be wondering why you need to replace your glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof. These materials are prone to leaking which can cause damage over time to your conservatory. Water damage can be extensive from leaking and the influx of water can also cause mould and condensation, which poses a health risk. The Guardian Warm Roof system is resistant to the elements and therefore resists leaking and the damage that this can cause. The major issue that is often observed with a polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof is the insulation. The insulation is poor meaning that you can only really enjoy your conservatory for a few months of the year. Utilising and installing the Guardian Warm Roof system allows you to enjoy your conservatory every month of the year! It has a clever two way insulation system which keeps hot air in during the winter and cold air in in the Summer. Furthermore, the installation and replacement of your new conservatory roof only takes on average 3 days for a regular sized conservatory. This is because we remove the current roofing and install a lightweight tiled conservatory roof on to your existing frames.

Expertise of Our Tradesmen

The team here at Quick Kit Build are highly qualified and experienced, having carried out many jobs all across South Wales. All of our installers are extensively qualified tradesmen that endeavour to provide an extremely high standard of insulation. The finish upon completion is excellent and our team are readily available to replace your current polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof. We always have the roof waterproofed and secure from the first day that we arrive on site and we have an exceptional value for money, competitively priced service. We also offer lightweight tile conservatory roofs to suit all types of conservatories even special shapes. This allows us to install your new replacement conservatory roof no matter what style of conservatory you have.

For a Conservatory Roof in South Wales – Call Quick Kit Build

The Guardian Warm Roof system can really enhance your conservatory and allow you to enjoy this area all year round. There are many different design options available and this system is highly energy efficient. Our expert team of tradesmen have many years of experience and are fully qualified, meaning that you do not have any unnecessary worries about anything whilst you are having your conservatory installed. We also offer a 10 year guarantee on every lightweight tiled conservatory roof that we install. If you are looking for a conservatory roof in South Wales or if you are looking for conservatory insulation in South Wales then be sure to contact Quick Kit Build today or call now on: 01934 416388