Upgrading Your Conservatory Roof in Somerset, Reviewed by Quick Kit Build

Conservatory Roof SomersetNow that summer is here and the heat is starting to get intense, you likely want to sit in your conservatory and enjoy the weather. If your conservatory has an older style roof however such as a polycarbonate or glass roof then you will find that your conservatory may be very hot in the summer and near impossible to sit in comfortably. This is due to a range of factors, mainly due to the low energy efficiency of these roofing materials. But would you believe us if we said that there’s a fast replacement conservatory roofing solution that takes a couple of days to install? The Guardian Warm Roof system is an ingenious replacement conservatory roof system that takes only 3 days on average to install on a regular sized conservatory. This means that in just a few days of calling us and arranging the process, you could have new conservatory roofing which allows you to stay in your conservatory during the heat waves of the summer. In this article, we will discuss the reasons as to why you would want to replace your current conservatory roof as well as how the Guardian Warm Roof system can help you enjoy your conservatory all year round. If you are looking for a conservatory roof in Somerset or if you are considering installing a replacement conservatory roof in Somerset then make sure that you contact Quick Kit Build today by calling us on: 01934 416388

The Older Style Conservatory Roof

So what’s causing all of the bother that you are currently experiencing? It’s likely to be the material of your conservatory roof. Glass or polycarbonate tends to leak often and is not very energy efficient in comparison to its competitors for a conservatory roof material. These materials also have a lower energy efficiency rating which results in warm air being allowed into your conservatory and vice-versa with cold air in the winter. This serves to make your conservatory unpleasant to sit in during extreme hot or cold conditions and this could result in you not being able to enjoy your conservatory for quite a large amount of the year. The energy efficiency could also negatively impact the cost of your bills. The less energy efficient the room is, the more energy is wasted and therefore you could be losing a lot of heat due to this conservatory roofing.

How Does The Guardian Warm Roof Counteract This?

The Guardian Warm Roof replaces your current conservatory roofing by removing your existing glass or polycarbonate roof with a lightweight tiled conservatory roof onto the frames. This is how the installation process only takes 3 days on the average roof as this process allows for the conservatory roof to be replaced efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, the Guardian Warm Roof is very much energy efficient and far outperforms glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs. This Guardian Warm Roof system is resistant to leaking and the elements and implements a two-way isolation system. This insulation means that warm air cannot escape the conservatory in the winter and cold air will remain in the conservatory in the summer, keeping it cool. You can observe this in action most prominently in the winter, as snow that is on-top of your conservatory roof will not melt. This demonstrates the insulation of this roofing system and why it is far superior and cost effective than older style conservatory roof materials.

Arrange For Your Replacement Conservatory Roof Today

If you are currently not able to enjoy your conservatory then the Guardian Warm Roof system is ideal for you. This clever system has been designed with energy efficiency in mind and allows you to replace your current conservatory roof with a far more energy efficient roof. Our expert team of tradesmen are fully qualified and have carried out many conservatory roof replacements in Somerset and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for a conservatory roof in Somerset or if you feel that you require a conservatory roof conversion in Somerset then ensure that you contact Quick Kit Build today by calling us on: 01934 416388