With summer behind us and winter well and truly here it is now time to start thinking about next summer and home improvement projects that can be done. Conservatories and House Extensions are some of the most popular home improvement options as these add value, space and curb appeal to many homes. It is often the first thing people think about improving and can create some great results for homes. Over recent years the cost of home improvement methods has come down due to the ever-growing trend towards SIP Panels and other modular home extension products. Due to the extensions being built and prefabricated offsite, there is a reduced manufacturing cost and also a decrease in the time taken to build the extension. This post will give a full overview of both the different Conservatory Extensions available and also the different types of home extensions. We will also explain a bit about why you should be interested in a Conservatory House Extension.

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Why should you consider a Conservatory Extension?

SIP Extension


There are a variety of reasons as to why you should consider a Conservatory or Extension – One of the main reasons that people opt for the addition of a conservatory or extension is because of the additional space that this will bring to their home. Extensions can provide a new living space for you and your family to enjoy and will also bring in extra light to a home through the additional windows and also the option to add skylights. This also means that families will not have to move house if they need extra space which means less stress and less money spent on solicitors fees whilst trying to find a new house. If the time arises and it is decided to sell a home then the addition of a conservatory or extensions will only add to the potential sale price that you will receive and will also promote the curb appeal of the property hopefully bringing in more people to look at the home.

Although a conservatory is a type of extension they are also two very different things that are perfect for different scenarios and locations. Below we will discuss some of the main types of extensions that we offer here at Quick Kit Build so that you can make a decision on whether a conservatory or extension is the best fit for you.

What are the different Extensions?

We offer a wide range of different extensions here at Quick Kit Build that are suitable for a variety of different homes and styles. Extensions can create some great unique and livable spaces for entertaining guests and for all family members to enjoy. Some of the main types of extensions that our customers use and opt for are the Guardian Extensions and SIP Panel Extensions.

Guardian Extension

Guardian Home Extensions are the future of Home Extensions, the extensions themselves are one of the most energy efficient options available on the market. The extensions are prefabricated off-site and then transported to the site. This time can be two to three weeks for delivery and also the installation of the new extension. The Guardian Extensions are fully customisable with a variety of different slate and tiled finishes – This means that your new extension will be able to fit in seamlessly with the current design of your home. Because the construction of these extensions is modular you can tailor and tweak the design to suit your needs.

Because of the increased energy efficiency and insulation properties, the U Value that is produced can be as low as 1.0 W/m2K which is extremely low and can result in lower heating bills. If you would like to find out more information or check some of our recent Guardian Extensions then please head on over to the link provided.

SIP Panel Extension

SIP Panel extensions are another favourite amongst our customers and follow the same Modular style and can be fully customised. SIP stands for Structural Insulated Panels and is made from two outer layers with a layer of insulation in between these two sections. SIPS are extremely lightweight and flexible – They are able to be used with a variety of other building products such as brick, weatherboarding and metal cladding. The interior is extremely customisable too with the option to provide a plasterboard finish with a skim coating. This type of extension was first implemented in the 1930s and adopted widely across the UK in 1980. Because of the modular design, installation time is also a lot quicker like the Guardian Extension For added security and peace of mind the SIP Panel extensions that we offer here at Quick Kit Build come with a 10 Year Guarantee – This is insured through QANW and if you would like to find out more then please head on over to the http://www.qanw.co.uk/consumers/.

You can check out some of the recent extensions installations by heading to the linked page.

What are the different conservatories?

Replacing Conservatory Roof For Warmth

As well as our home extension installations we also work with a lot of customers on their conservatories – We provide a replacement conservatory roof service that removes glass and polycarbonate roofs and replaces them with a lightweight tiled alternative. This is known as the Guardian Warm Roof and can transform conservatories into rooms that are fully functioning and able to be used throughout the year. During the winter the conservatory will stay warm because of the excellent heat retention and insulation properties – Similarly, in the summer the conservatory will be able to stay cool due to the reflection of the sun’s rays as oppose to glass roofs where the greenhouse effect essentially happens.

As with the Guardian Extension, the Guardian Warm Roof is fully customisable and comes in a variety of different styles and finished such as Edwardian, Victorian, Lean To and a range of other conservatory roofs that are suitable for many different home styles and finishes. One of the main benefits of the Guardian Warm Roof is that you do not need to change the structure of the conservatory and the new roof will work with your current conservatory to cause minimal disruption to you and your home.

You can check out more information about Guardian Warm Roof by heading to the link provided.

Who are Quick Kit Build?

Located in Weston Super Mare we have been providing conservatory roofs to customers across the south-west for many years. We are a firm believer in listening to our customers and taking on board any feedback good and bad to ensure that the service that we offer is the best standard and meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations. All of the installers at Quick Kit Build are expertly trained in the Guardian Warm Roof and also the Guardian Extension and we are one of the biggest manufacturers of the Guardian Warm Roof.

In addition to the extensions and conservatories mentioned in this post, we also have a range of other home improvement products such as Velux Windows and BiFold Doors – You can check out the different products on the links above.