Conservatory Solid Roof Conversion – How we can help!

Buying a conservatory is something that many people dream of and spend a lot of time-saving up for. Those who opt for a Glass or Polycarbonate conservatory are often left disappointed as they are unable to use their conservatory throughout the year. When buying something you expect to be able to use it throughout the year whenever you want. It is important to consider solid conservatory roofs and look at ways to ensure that you can use your conservatory throughout the year! Here at Quick Kit Build we are experts at converting pre-existing conservatories and transforming the glass and polycarbonate roofs into lightweight tiled solid roofs allowing you to use your conservatory during the coldest days of the year and some of the warmest. This post is here to explain the Conservatory Solid Roof Conversion service we offer here at Climate Roofs.

If you have any questions about the Conservatory Solid Roof Conversions that we offer here at Quick Kit Build then please get in touch with a member of our team today and we can start the process to transform your conservatory.



What is the difference between a Solid Conservatory Roof and a Glass Roof?

There are many different types of conservatory roof out there and like anything some of these fail to meet the requirements and standards that customers expect. The main type of conservatory roof is made using glass or polycarbonate materials. This works in terms of providing you with a conservatory that you can use but these two materials do have a variety of problems. The main problem that these two types of roofs have is that during the summer months they are very hard to cool down especially during sunny days. The reason for this is because the solar rays from the sun can easily pass through the conservatory roof and essentially turn your conservatory into a greenhouse meaning that it is uncomfortable for two reasons. Firstly, the warm temperature and secondly, because of the ease of access that the solar rays have to the conservatory, making the conservatory blinding to be in. Similarly, during the winter months the cold temperature can easily seep into the conservatory. In addition to this heating up the conservatory requires a lot of energy due to the poor insulation properties of the roof and means that you will not be able to use the conservatory for some of the winter months especially the colder days!

This is where we can help – We tackle these two main problems of traditional roofs by offering the Guardian Warm Roof. But what exactly is a Solid Conservatory Roor? A solid or tiled conservatory roof is one which fully replaces the pre-existing material and uses as the name suggest a tiled or solid substance. These roofs come in a variety of styles and finishes allowing you to fully customise your conservatory and fit in with the aesthetics of your property. The Guardian Warm Roof system is one of the only LABC Approved roofs for 2018 and is built with longevity in mind!


Our Installation Service

We have a team of expertly trained installers at our disposal that cover the entirety of the South West and ensure that standards are constantly met and that our customers are happy with the final product. Once purchasing your Guardian Roof the last thing you want to do is wait a long period of time for it to be installed. Once the Guardian Solid Roof is manufactured and with us we install the roofs in as little as 3 days and ensure that if a job is started on the Monday of a week it will be finished by the Friday of that same week. We conform to all the building regulations set by the government and for 2018 the Guardian Warm Roof is one of the only LABC Approved roofs.

How does the solid roof conversion work?

Firstly, you should get in touch with a member of Quick Kit Build so that we can discuss the project in detail and see what your needs and requirements are for the conservatory roof. Secondly, we will come and measure up and make sure that we have everything we need. We will then wait for the Solid Roof to arrive with us here in Weston-Super-Mare and then schedule in with you to make sure that we can install your solid roof as quickly as possible. We will fully remove the pre-existing roof and construct the new solid roof conversion in its place.

We hope that you have found this post of use and any questions about this please let us know!