Can I put a Solid Roof on my Conservatory?

Can I put a Solid Roof on my Conservatory


Before 2010, conservatories needed to conform to certain laws surrounding the translucency of the roof to be allowed planning permission. Since the change, Solid Roofs can now be built on Conservatories with no need for planning permission but must conform to some regulations. Such as Neighbourhood Consultation Schemes & rules set by the Planning Portals.

Here at Quick Kit Build we pride ourselves on providing second to none customer service and satisfaction. Today we thought it would be a great idea to answer another question we get asked a lot here at Quick Kit Build which is Can I put a Solid Roof on my Conservatory? With this article, we will explain what planning permission is needed, exactly what a Solid Conservatory Roof is, why you should get one of the roofs provided by Quick Kit Build and exactly how the Quick Kit Build service works.

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What is a Solid Conservatory Roof?

A Solid Conservatory Roof simply put is a solid or tiled conservatory roof that is used to replace a glass or polycarbonate roof that is the traditional roofing system for a conservatory. Solid conservatories provide a lot of benefits to the user and also require less time to fit. Here at Quick Kit Build, we are Guardian certified and specialists in their warm roof system. The Guardian Warm Roof system is one of the industries leading solid conservatory roofs on offer to the market today, it provides a vast amount of customisability allowing you to choose from  Victorian, Edwardian, P-Shape and Gable Ended styles. To those looking for a bespoke Solid Conservatory Roof, we also cater for your needs and we advise you to get in touch with a member of the team today.

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A Change in the law

In 2010 the government changed the planning regulations surrounding Solid Conservatory Roofs to allow conservatories to have a solid roof without the need for planning permission. One thing that is worth noting is that you must consult the Neighbour Consultation Scheme.

What is the Neighbour Consultation Scheme?

Even with the changes in the planning permission laws surrounding Solid Conservatory Roofs mean you still may need to use the Neighbour Consultation Scheme – This scheme means you will need to let your local planning authority know about your proposed changes so that they can then notify your neighbours. Once your neighbours have been notified they will have 21 days to raise the objections. If after 21 days no objections have been made then the conservatory modifications can go ahead.

Check Conservatory Planning Portals

It is always advisable to check on the Planning Portal Website and read the full list of rules and regulations that your conservatory must comply to. The rules vary within different areas of the UK with some areas being more strict than others.

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Why should you get a Solid Conservatory Roof?

The reason most people ask if they can put a solid roof on their conservatory is because of the disadvantages that come with the glass and polycarbonate alternatives. The main 2 reasons that people want to switch to a Solid Conservatory Roof is because their conservatory gets too warm in the summer months and is unable to regulate temperature meaning the conservatory is unable – The second reason is that in the winter months the conservatory is unable to retain the heat leading to higher heating bills and a cold conservatory. This is due to the lack of insulation of the conservatory roof which means there is a high amount of Conservatory Heat Loss.  The Solid Conservatory Roofs installed by Quick Kit Build allow our customers to enjoy their conservatory 365 days of the year.

Here at Quick Kit Build we also offer a 10 Year guarantee with all of the solid conservatory roofs that are bought through us.

The Quick Kit Build Service

We were one of the first installers of the Guardian Roof here in the UK which means we have developed a number of processes and checks ensuring that all the roofs installed by our expertly trained team are standard across all projects. Because of our many years of experience with the Guardian Solid roof, we are able to turn around a project in as little as 3 days and currently are installing 3-4 conservatory roofs a week.

We hope this article has answered the question ‘Can I put a Solid Roof on my Conservatory?’ and we look forward to hearing from you and helping you transform your conservatory.

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