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Our Conservatory Roof Converter services in the UK – Quick Kit Build

For those who do not know much about Quick Kit Build we are the biggest installer of Guardian Roofs in the South West of England. We provide customers with a second to none service which ultimately changes the complete look, feel and usability of their conservatory. Traditional conservatories are installed with a Glass or Polycarbonate material for the roof. This creates a lot of problems with temperature regulation, insulation and the potential for mould or flooding to happen. Many people out there are unaware that there are a variety of different materials that can be used for a replacement conservatory roof. Here at Quick Kit Build we install a tiled & lightweight alternative to traditional roofing systems. The system that we use is known as the Guardian Warm Roof – This style of roof allows us to install the units in a quick manner and also tailor the style and look of the roofs to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on being one of the most reliable Conservatory Roof Converters and constantly aim to improve and develop the standard of service that we offer – A lot of customers are interested in Victorian Conservatory Roofs and look to renovate their current conservatory into this style for its aesthetic appeal both internally and externally. The purpose of this blog is to provide an overview of our Conservatory Roof Converters service!

If you have any questions about the replacement conservatory roof services we offer here at Quick Kit Build or would like to discuss renovating your conservatory’s roof then please get in touch with a member of the Quick Kit Build team today and we will be happy to help answer any questions that you may have

Reasons to replace your current conservatory Roof

There are a variety of reasons that you may wish to replace your conservatory roof and upgrade to a more solid, reliable and cost-effective solution such as the Guardian Roof system that we offer. Some of the problems you may think don’t affect you at the moment but it is good to be wary of potential problems that may arise with your conservatory so that you can plan in any work that may need to be done. Below are some of the main reasons we are given as to why people want to change their conservatory roof and go for a more lightweight tiled alternative. 

  1. Too warm during the summer months – this is caused mainly by glass or polycarbonate roofs due to a greenhouse effect being in place when the suns rays come through the glass and straight into the conservatory – resulting in an extremely hot conservatory during summer days.
  2. Too cold during the winter months – similarly to the summer months, during winter a conservatory has very poor insulation properties so the warm air that is acquired through the heating of the conservatory very easily escapes causing a rise in heating bills and annoyance to customers.
  3. Potential of mold on conservatory roof and belongings – in some serious cases we have even seen the conservatory roof become covered in mold due to the build-up of water moisture and also damage blinds and belongings leaving them to become covered.

Some of these problems may apply to you but many may not – it is important for you to assess your current situation and see if you would benefit from a replacement conservatory roof. Renovating your conservatory roof with a Guardian Warm Roof tackles these problems and can also improve the resale value of your property as we provide a 10-year guarantee with all roofs showing our faith in the conservatory roof – All roofs are also LABC certified.

Our Conservatory Roof Replacement Process

We are extremely proud of the installation service that we provide – due to our many years in the industry we have been able to develop the standards and processes needed to cope with the high demand for the roofs – If we start a job on the Monday of a week it will be finished by the Friday and can take as little as 3 days to finish. Although the installation of the new roofs is fairly quick we do not sacrifice on quality and all of the Conservatory Roofs we Convert as completed to a standardised level meaning that whether you are in Exeter or Bristol your roof will be the same standard.

If you have any questions about you should use us as you Conservatory Roof Converters or any of the other services we offer here at Quick Kit Build then please get in touch with a member of our expertly trained team today and we will be happy to help.