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House Extensions Using SIPs

In today’s market, there is a big increase in the number of people looking to expand on their current home environment as opposed to moving to a new home. House extensions have progressed a lot over recent years with advancements in technology. One of the things that has survived the test of time is SIP Panel Extensions. The main reason for this is the ease at which builders and installers like ourselves can create these stunning house extensions. This article is here to serve as your one-stop shop to find out what exactly SIPs are, the benefits of using these and also a bit about the House Extensions we create using SIP Panels.

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What are SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)?

SIPs most commonly known as Structural Insulated Panels were originally developed back in the 1930s in America and since their first introduction to the building industry, the UK has adopted them as a widely used building method. The way that these are made is by making two layers of stressed skin with a layer in between made up of insulation making this method an extremely economical and environmentally friendly building technique. Because of the ease of construction with SIPs, it allows our expert team to construct house extensions with SIP panels in no time at all! The walls created using SIP panels are able to produce U Values that are as low as 0.15 which is produced without any additional insulation needed!

In addition to the Home Extensions services and products offered here at Quick Kit Build we are also expert installers of the Guardian Warm Roof and Guardian Extension. If you would like to find out more about the various services we offer then please head on over to the links provided and find out a bit more about the other services available today!

What are the benefits of SIPs?

Now that we know exactly what SIPs are and why are they the go-to technology to use for efficient and effective house extensions. But, what are the benefits and why should you care about them? There are many advantages to the people using this technology from builders, to architects, designers and you the user. Below are some of the main benefits that we as builders and designers have using SIP and some benefits that you the owner will see.

Benefits for Builders and Designers

  • Because of the simple building design and structure that SIP panels use we are able to speed up the construction time by up to 2-3 times!
  • In addition to decreasing the building time of the house extension the ease of construction allows us to use regular building tools and means we do not need to hire in or bring specialist equipment.
  • Due to the decreased build time and also the ease of installation we are able to provide accurate quotes and costings allowing you to have a fixed price that should not rise.
  • Because SIP panels are prefabricated off-site we are able to get creative and support a variety of standard designs to more contemporary and unique. The possibilities are really endless with SIP panels

Benefits for you the user

  • Due to the speed of the build, we will be out of your hair in no time and all and cause minimal disruption to your everyday life
  • Quietness, this is achieved through the SIP panels and ensures that your new home or house extension is soundproofed from external noise
  • The maximisation of space – Because SIP panels do not use your traditional roof trusses, we are able to use this space to create an additional room or leave the space open to allow for dramatic ceilings giving your home an impressive focal point.
  • Finally, the price is such a big positive as it allows you to accurately budget how much your house extension will cost and ensures you will not be hit by an expensive building bill at the end!

As you can see there are many benefits to using SIP panels but another one that is apparent to anyone working with or living with SIP panels; the beauty. As you can see from the pictures SIP panels allow for an extremely impressive room that uses the space available to the full and creates a very cool, quirky and exciting living space!

SIP Panels

We hope this has answered any questions that you may have had about SIP panels used for House Extensions and we look forward to working and hearing from you in the future. For a FREE FIXED quote then please get in touch with a member of Quick Kit Build team today!