Massively speed up your project completion times and achieve better thermal performance in less space with custom SIP panel kits for walls and off site manufactured insulated roofs.

Climate Trade specialise in the fabrication of wall and roof systems for small projects, typically domestic extensions and porches, but can also be used for garden office pods and any other situation where you want the combination of fast build times and superior performance.

About Climate Trade

Climate Trade with its partnership Guardian Roof fabricate the market leading Kingspan TEK Building System previously not available for projects of less than £30k. The Kingspan SIP panel is the only structurally insulated panel that is autohesively bonded to ensure no delamination.

The Kingspan TEK® Building System’s use is covered by LABC Registered Details Certificate No. EWWS546 and holds BBA and NSAI Agrément certification.

Most SIP panel fabricators focus on large projects from complete houses to large industrial and commercial buildings. So when you want just a small number of panels for a porch or a home extension you end up at the back of the queue, at Climate Trade we only focus on small works projects so no matter how small your requirement is your order is treated as a priority.

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What’s the benefit for me?


You may be used to building the traditional way, and what’s wrong with that, you’ve done it for years. But imagine how many more projects you could complete if you used off site manufacture to enable you to complete more projects with the same team and overheads. That is what you can do with Climate Trade, we can fabricate SIP panels for your walls and roofs and deliver direct to site across the UK.

Kitchen Fitters

Why get held up waiting for the builder to finish the extension before you can fit your glorious kitchen. Building an extension with off-site manufacture is possibly easier than completing a top-spec kitchen. You see as a kitchen fitter you have to coordinate a wide number of trades and suppliers, coordinate and project manage and produce a finished result where every minor detail will be scrutinised with a magnifying glass. Use these same skills to coordinate the assembly of an off-site prepared home extension.


You’ve created great designs for your clients and yet when it comes to getting them built, it drags on and on as the builder juggles multiple sites and the vagaries of the weather take their toll on the programme of works. When you specify a SIP panel construction you generate superior thermal performance in a smaller footprint, whilst simultaneously speeding up the project completion time from 3 months to 3 weeks for a typical single storey extension.

End User – Self Build

With a SIP panel kit for you walls and roof you break the back of your project in a couple of days. It can be tempting to write off sip panels because pound for pound they are more expensive than block, sand and cement, but that is just the raw material content. What value do you put on weeks of weekends building the walls and roof with conventional methods, when you could have the whole lot put up in a single weekend. Job done. Giving you a watertight structure allowing you work on the inside or the outside regardless of the weather. And because you’ve got the heavy lifting done over a single weekend from there on in the end of the project is in sight and you’ll rapidly get to the satisfaction of completed project.

End User – Project Manage

When it comes to building a home extension there are so many ‘must-have’ features to have that it can be a compromise to get everything you want and keep within your budget. If you don’t have the time or expertise to carry out a self-build project, the next step would be to take on the project management of the build. You see hiring local trade and coordinating their works can typically save 20% – 30% on the overall project. The challenge comes in defining the scope of works, making discrete work packages and ensuring it happens to plan. This can seem daunting at first, but when you work with off-site manufactured SIP panels and roof the project boils down to:

  1. Groundworks
  2. SIP panels walls & roof
  3. General builder for plaster boarding/rendering etc.
  4. Electrician
  5. Plumber if required.

This can be relatively easily be managed enabling you to complete the project of your dreams within your available budget.

Tell Us About Your Project

    Tell Us About Your Project

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