What Is SIP Panel Construction? 


SIP Panels are fast becoming the industry standard when it comes to construction projects. Directly replacing timber framing, these panels are up to 40% more energy-efficient than these original construction practices whilst offering reduced installation time and a draft-free finish. The question many homeowners are asking, what exactly are SIP panels and what benefits do they bring to my home?


In this blog post, we aim to discuss some of the main SIP panel uses and the within construction, we also aim to cover a few of the main reasons why these panels have become extremely popular throughout the home improvements industry. 


SIP Panel New Builds 


Structural insulated panels homes are a modern form of construction that developers across the globe are adopting thanks to the reduced build time and produce highly insulating properties. SIP homes use structurally insulated panels for most parts of the construction project, instead of using timber framing these panels are used to help bring the framework together and great a solid structure. A stylish finish can then be applied to the panels to create a bespoke exterior which gives these properties that modern appearance that we all know and love. 


SIP Home Extension Projects 


Home extensions are an extremely popular project, offering additional living space and a substantial increase to property value, this project stays in high demand all year round. SIP panels lend themself perfectly to home extensions as they offer homeowners a highly insulated extension to the home which can be enjoyed regardless of the weather outside. Outweighting the traditional conservatory design SIP panels can be cut to order so windows and door layout can be created bespoke to your requirements. 


SIP Panel Outdoor Buildings


For those with larger properties, a small outdoor building may just be the perfect home improvement project as we move into the new year. This space can be converted into a stunning garden hangout or an extra bedroom, making a great addition to any garden. SIP panels can be purchased in all sizes meaning you can create a building of any size. From two-story homes to small summer houses, these panels are the perfect solution. Put together in a matter of weeks, disturbance to the rest of the home is kept to a minimum whilst you gain a stunning addition to the property. 


Structurally Insulated Roofing  


Traditionally roofing had to be packed full of cheap rolls of insulation which is not only a pain to install but it doesn’t offer the highest standards of insulation. Luckily, SIP panels are fast becoming a viable solution when it comes to roofing as they offer a layer of quality insulation built into the structure of the panel itself. This has two key advantages, firstly, it helps to maximise roofing storage space and secondly, the design offers some of the best standards of insulation creating amazing energy efficiency for the room. Gone are the days where you see a huge spike in energy bills when the winter comes around, these panels will help to maximise heat retention, keeping your home nice and warm all winter long. 


Offering incredible insulation, quick installation and bespoke styling options that will blend in with nearly any home design SIP panel construction is becoming the number one solution for builders across the globe.