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Something that is asked by our customers very regularly is how can I improve my conservatories temperature regulation and how insulated is my conservatory. Traditionally conservatories were built using glass and polycarbonate as the main material for conservatory Roofs. Unfortunately, Glass and Polycarbonate roofs for conservatory result in very low levels of insulation which results in your conservatory becoming too warm in summer months and too cold in the winter months. Our aim here at Quick Kit Build is to ensure that your conservatory has effective heat and temperature regulation throughout the year.

This post will talk you through the main problems with Conservatory Insulation and why you should replace your conservatory roof with a tiled lightweight alternative. If you have any questions about the Conservatory Roof Insulation London service that we offer here at Quick Kit Build then please get in touch with a member of the team today and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

What are the problems with Conservatory Insulation

As mentioned above the main reason that poor conservatory insulation occurs is because of the material that is used for the Conservatory Roof. In most cases, Glass and Polycarbonate roofs will perform adequately throughout the year but as soon as winter or summer hits the conservatory will become either too cold or too hot. The reason for this is because of the very little amount of insulation between the glass or polycarbonate roof and the conservatory itself. Here at Quick Kit Build we only install tiled and solid conservatory roofs which have exceptional heat regulating properties. The main type of roof that we install is the Guardian Warm Roof which is one of the industries leading conservatory roofing systems. Guardian Warm Roofs perform two main improvements to your conservatory. Firstly they are able to improve the insulation and heat regulation of the conservatory and secondly, the Guardian Warm Roof also improves the interior and exterior look and feel of your conservatory. This allows your conservatory to feel like more of an additional room to your home rather than an added on extension that doesn’t quite work for you.

Why should you Replace Your Conservatory Roof in London?

Now that you know how and what causes poor heat regulation in traditional conservatories, why should you replace your conservatory roof? With the replacement Guardian Warm Roof, there are a variety of shapes and styles that are available such as Victorian, Edwardian and gable-ended styles. There is also a lot of choices when it comes to the colour of the tiles for your conservatory and we also over a completely tailored service at Quick Kit Build allowing you to ensure that your new roof is exactly as wanted. You can fill in our Quick Quote form today and receive an estimated price of your replacement conservatory roof.

The Quick Kit Build Service

Our Conservatory Roof Insulation London service is one that puts the customer first and tackles one main thing, heat regulation within your conservatory. All that we do is aimed and ensuring maximum insulation for your conservatory. We are able to finish projects in as little as 4 days and offer a 10-year insurance backed guarantee and exceptional value for money.

If you have any questions about the Conservatory Roof Insulation London service or just want to know more about the products and services offered here then please do get in touch with a member of the team today and we will be happy to help.